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Dedicated to Access

CSL Behring recently received an industry award for its focus on getting treatments to patients who need them.

Patient Access Awards Winner from Managed Markets Insights and Technology

CSL Behring has received the first Patient Access Award for hereditary angioedema (HAE), which recognizes companies that go above and beyond to ensure that much-needed therapies get into the hands of the patients who need them. HAE is a rare disease that causes unpredictable and potentially dangerous swelling episodes.

Awarded by Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT), the honor is determined by a survey of payer and physician stakeholders who participate in MMIT’s quarterly Oncology Index and Biologics and Injectables Index. In this research, payer and physician stakeholders assess and rank the performance of pharmaceutical manufacturers in categories including commitment to a disease; account representative support, patient and family support programs and resources, patient copay assistance, physician education and coordinated support services, also known as HUB services.

“As a company, we are committed to delivering on our promise to patients and we’ve recognized that this goes beyond just providing innovative treatments but also helping patients access their therapies,” said Robert Rouse, Head of US Market Access. “I’m particularly proud of this accomplishment as patient focus is always top of mind and this award highlights the great work we are doing on behalf of the patients we serve.”

CSL Behring is a global biotech that develops and manufactures medicines for people who have rare and serious diseases, including HAE, primary immunodeficiency and hemophilia.

To understand more about “access” and the obstacles a patient might face, see our infographic below:

Feeling alone, facing a rare disease. A visual explanation of the obstacles to getting treatment for a rare disease. The patient is pictured in a boat alone navigating a stream.