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A Lifesaving Donation

CSL Behring just announced it will donate 500 million units of coagulation factor therapy to assist patients who have bleeding disorders, including hemophilia, in 60+ countries. The World Federation for Hemophilia (WFH) manages a global program to help people in developing countries.

CSL Behring's Largest Humanitarian Donation of Medicine for Bleeding Disorder Patients - icon holding heart

Game-changing medical treatments aren’t much good unless they get in the hands of patients who need them. That’s why CSL Behring is making a major donation of 500 million units of coagulation factor replacement therapy over five years to the World Federation for Hemophilia’s Humanitarian Aid Program.

Patients in more than 60 countries don’t have easy access to critical medicines to treat bleeding disorders, serious conditions that can be life threatening. The WFH aims to answer that need with product donations from biotech companies like CSL Behring. CSL Behring’s donation includes product manufactured solely to be donated, which means it will have a longer shelf life and can help give patients consistent, reliable access to the treatments they need to prevent bleeding episodes.

The collaboration between CSL Behring and the WFH also supports progress in improving the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders through the WFH’s Global Alliance for Progress (GAP). CSL Behring will provide financial support for logistics costs and training programs designed to address unmet needs for people living with hemophilia in developing countries who are undiagnosed, untreated, or undertreated.