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Yes, You Can Donate Plasma After a COVID-19 Vaccine

Patients need life-saving medicines made from plasma. You can donate plasma after receiving a vaccination against COVID-19.

Masked plasma donor during a donation

You can donate plasma after having received the COVID-19 vaccine. You can donate whether you are in between COVID-19 vaccine doses or just recently received a single shot.

As the world navigates the effects of the pandemic, plasma donations remain essential in making therapies for people with rare and serious diseases.

The pandemic helped spotlight donations as researchers investigated the potential use of plasma from people previously infected by COVID-19. Now the focus returns to donating “source plasma” for medicines needed by patients affected by diseases such as immunodeficiencies and bleeding disorders.

Plasma donors help improve the health of others and save lives. With so many people now vaccinated, it’s important to know that it’s OK to donate “source” plasma after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Plasma donors are needed increasingly now due to the impact of the pandemic, and patients have made direct appeals to donors, asking them to donate to keep up the supply of plasma.

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