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Video: Marburg, Germany - Home to Companies that Change the World

CSL Behring’s largest R&D and manufacturing site is in this university town, where game-changing science is happening.


A new video produced by the city of Marburg hails the accomplishments of its biotech sector, which includes COVID-19 vaccine producer BioNtech and CSL Behring.

The name of the industrial hub, “Behringwerke,” harkens back to CSL Behring’s namesake, Emil von Behring, who won the first Nobel Prize for medicine in 1901. But what’s happening there today among pharmaceutical and biotech companies represents the modern age, the leading edge of scientific discovery. In 2022, CSL Behring will increase its footprint with the opening of a new, seven-story R&D facility, including state-of-the-art lab space, for 500 CSL Behring research staff

And yet, as noted in the video, Marburg remains a pastoral landscape, a university town that boasts a castle. Some animal residents make a cameo in the video and the narrator says, “Marburg-Biedenkopf: Actually, like Berlin or Munich – only with more sheep.”

CSL Behring in Marburg benefits from intensive networking between the health and medical sectors and the partnerships with excellent universities and research institutes, said Lars Groenke, M.D., Vice President, R&D Respiratory and designated General Manager.

“For us at CSL Behring, Marburg is the location of choice,” he said. “Today, as a global biotechnology leader and part of the international CSL Group, we specialize in producing and researching plasma-based and recombinant therapies - driven by our promise to save and improve lives.”