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Listen: How Technology Is Changing Vaccines

On a new episode of World of Promise, an R&D leader discusses vaccine innovation, including aQIVc and self-amplifying mRNA.


Innovation was key to creating vaccines in the fight against COVID-19. Now, those innovations are being studied for the creation of leading-edge influenza vaccines, explains Ethan Settembre, Vice President of R&D for global influenza vaccines provider, Seqirus, on the latest episode of the World of Promise podcast.

“Many people in the vaccine fields, particularly in flu are thinking of how those technologies could now be applied to flu – (it’s a) very, very exciting time,” Settembre says on the podcast.

On the episode, host Anthony Farina chats with Settembre about how Seqirus is leveraging existing cell and adjuvant technology to deliver vaccines and exploring the combination of the two in aQIVc, the company’s next pipeline vaccine. Ethan also discusses self-amplifying mRNA, the next-generation mRNA platform Seqirus is evaluating for influenza.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the player above or by searching World of Promise on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other places where podcasts are available.