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It's Almost Nobel Prize Time

Learn more about Emil von Behring, winner of the first Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1901.


Next week, the Nobel Prizes will celebrate scientists who made breakthrough discoveries worthy of global attention. Before the new winners are announced, we’re sharing a one-minute video about Emil von Behring, namesake of CSL Behring. The biotech company is part of CSL, which has 25,000 employees around the world.

A German scientist born in 1854, von Behring pioneered serum technology with a treatment for the deadly childhood disease diphtheria. Today, CSL Behring researches and manufactures treatments for rare and serious diseases. The company continues to have a big footprint in Marburg, Germany, where von Behring once worked and now home to a new, seven-story R&D facility to open in 2022.

This year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine will be announced on Monday, October 4.