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Episode 2 of Our Audio Series on Cell and Gene Therapy

Two leaders in Europe say success will hinge on a unified patient registry, acceptance of real-world evidence and harmonized policies.

Transforming the Future of Health Care Together with photos of podcast participants

Getting everyone on the same page isn’t so easy when you’re talking about cell and gene therapy – a potentially life-transforming treatment in its first generation, two leading voices in Europe said during a recent CSL Behring podcast.

Duplicated efforts, inconsistent data collection and different rules in different countries could make an already challenging task even tougher as companies look to give patients access. Plus, there’s the matter of cost and sticky questions like how to do follow-up care when someone receives gene therapy outside their home country. 

Cell and gene therapies offer the promise to change patients’ lives, preventing years or even decades of poor health and heavy treatment burden. “The New Horizon Talks” Audio Series stimulates dialogue on these innovative treatments, to promote long-term healthcare system sustainability and patient access.

Listen here to Episode 2: “Transforming the Future of Health Care Together”

“Registries are hugely important,” CEO of the European Haemophilia Consortium Amanda Bok said in episode 2 of The New Horizon Talks.

Bok urged support for the patient registry launched by the World Hemophilia Foundation. Patients agree to share their medical data and experiences with a patient registry in the hope that the combined data will bring insights and improved care.