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CSL Scientist Strikes a Pose in Australian Vogue

A glossy magazine feature spotlights four women who played key roles in Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine development, including CSL’s Bev Menner.

CSL's Bev Menner seated in a floral dress with arms crossed at wrists
Bev Menner photographed by Liz Sunshine

The COVID-19 pandemic and the critical role the biotech industry has played in developing vaccine solutions has ushered in new levels of public interest in the sector.

The latest proof can be found in fashion magazine, Australian Vogue, which just published a feature that celebrates four women behind the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, including CSL’s Bev Menner alongside Pam Cheng and Liz Chatwin from AstraZeneca as well as Cath Green from Oxford University. The interviews, under the headline “leadership, collaboration and facing the future,” elevate women in science and spotlight the COVID-19 contributors as role models for future generations of scientists. 

See the story in Vogue.

As the Executive Director and Head of Alliance and Portfolio Management, Menner and her team played a critical role in managing CSL’s partnership with AstraZeneca and the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to the Australian people. In her interview, Menner emphasized the importance of collaboration in the success of the AstraZeneca campaign and paid tribute to the extended campaign team, noting the “really bright, innovative people” who work at CSL.

The article also acknowledges the number of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses manufactured onshore in Australia and the millions of doses distributed to the country’s regional neighbors in support of vaccine equity.