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Best Practices Guide for Albumin

CSL Behring creates new medical resource guide for China and Europe about administering albumin in critical care.

Albumin guide front cover

To support continuing medical education, CSL Behring recently compiled an expert guide for clinicians and pharmacists on the use of albumin, a protein derived from human plasma.

The Hospital Pharmacy International Handbook was published in both Chinese and English.

Physicians and experts on human albumin in Europe developed the guide based on the treatment and clinical experience of many Chinese patients. The goal of the guidebook is to give accurate, evidence-based guidance about albumin, which is used in cardiac surgery and to treat serious medical conditions, including liver disease and cancer when the patient has low levels of albumin.

“I am excited to witness the publishing of the Human Albumin Handbook by leveraging our global expertise in human albumin in China,” said Harold Chan, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Operations.

Following the launch of the guide, CSL Behring supported collaboration and scientific exchange through a series of webinars in November attended by 20,000 physicians in China. In January 2021, CSL Behring supported a medical webinar following the launch of European Hospital Pharmacy Human Albumin Handbook. The webinar, which attracted 4,600 physicians, invited cross-disciplinary writers of the handbook to elaborate on the content.

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