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Ironman Athlete Takes On Primary Immunodeficiency

The race has changed, but marathoner Stacy Ahearn is still pushing ahead following a rare disease diagnosis at age 40.


For most of her life, Stacy Ahearn was the type of person who would come to mind when thinking of the term “healthy.”

As a longtime distance runner, she completed several marathons and eventually finished an Ironman triathlon, a grueling event that includes a 2.4-mile swim and 70-mile bike race on top of a full marathon.

Stacy did all this while continually fighting various illnesses and infections. After turning 40, she was diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency – a type of primary immunodeficiency disease that compromises the immune system.

While her life is different these days, Stacy is still finding ways to challenge herself and achieve her goals.

CSL Behring is presenting Stacy’s story in the video above as part of World Primary Immunodeficiency Week, which has expanded to a 10-week period this year to mark its 10th anniversary.