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"From the Bottom of My Heart..."

Alpha 1 patients send heartfelt thanks to plasma donors and those who make life-saving, plasma-derived medicines.

Alpha 1 patient in a YouTube thank you video

In a video thank you card organized by the Alpha-1 Foundation, patients from all over the United States sent personal messages of gratitude to those who donate plasma and work to develop and manufacture treatments.

Patients and loved ones of patients joined together to say: “When you come to donate or work, think of patients like me who are counting on people like you.”

Someone who has Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency lacks a protective protein made in the liver that is important to lung health. Without it, Alpha 1 patients experience breathing problems and other serious medical issues. Through plasma-based treatments, patients can replenish the missing protein.

“We were touched by these expressions of gratitude that remind us how meaningful it is to donate plasma and develop treatments for patients with rare and serious diseases such as Alpha 1,” said Willy Pardiñas, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CSL Plasma.

The need for plasma donations remains high during the global pandemic. Learn more about how you can help by becoming a donor.

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