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Can Kids Who Have Hemophilia Play Sports?

Let this video – taken at our annual event for kids with bleeding disorders – answer the question.


We’re sharing content about rare diseases throughout February in anticipation of Rare Disease Day at the end of the month. Learn how kids and teens are managing bleeding disorders and incorporating sports into their lives.

Bleeding disorders require close monitoring and treatment, but thankfully for many patients, these rare diseases can be managed well enough that sports are not off-limits.

The decision about which sport to play should be made in consultation with a patient’s health care team, but several sports are considered of low- and moderate-risk by the National Hemophilia Foundation. At CSL Behring’s annual Gettin’ In the Game Junior National Championship, kids and teens from across the United States train together in golf, swimming and baseball during a weekend that incorporates education and friendly competition.

Here’s a one-minute highlight reel of the most recent JNC.