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What Does Making Cocoa Have to Do With Managing Hemophilia?

Watch a short animation about teaching kids to self-infuse.

hemophilia self infusion analogy to making cocoa

When a child has hemophilia, parents say they have a mix of feelings about letting the young patient self-administer clotting factor. On the one hand, it’s scary to let a child take on this important task, which involves a needle. On the other hand, mastering it makes the child more independent and more able to take care of himself.

The skill is such a rite of passage, it’s taught at summer camps for children who have bleeding disorders. Because kids are different, some will learn to self-infuse at a younger age and others will take a few more years to feel comfortable. How can parents know when it’s the right time to start the process? That’s where the cocoa comes in.

Mixing factor correctly is a key part of self-infusion. It involves combining ingredients accurately, so if a child can prepare a cup of cocoa, he has some of the skills needed to start learning to self-infuse. Watch the video to learn more clues that a child is ready to self-infuse.

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