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Listen: Growing Up with Sickle Cell Disease

On our new podcast episode, a Sickle Cell Disease patient discusses the challenges of her transition to adulthood.


June 19 is World Sickle Cell Day. In honor of this day and the more than four million people around the world living with this genetic blood disorder, podcast host Anthony Farina sat down with a person living with Sickle Cell Disease to talk about the challenges she faces, and has faced, as a person with the condition. 

Tahirah Austin was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at the age of 6. Now in her 30s, she is an advocate for those living with the condition. During an interview on the latest episode of “World of Promise,” Austin recalls how her family responded to her diagnoses, the challenges she faced while transitioning to being responsible for her own care, and why she believes it’s her “moral obligation” to speak out on behalf of others with the genetic blood disorder. 

The episode also features a segment from Henry Mead, Director of Medical Education and Communication for CSL Behring. An expert on Sickle Cell Disease, Mead offers some additional advice for patients and also talks about what the future holds for people living with the condition. 

Listen to the episode by clicking on the link above, or search for “World of Promise” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other places where you listen to podcasts.