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Biotechnology in Dubai

CSL Behring opens regional HQ in iconic desert city.

Dubai, where biotechnology leader CSL Behring recently opened an office

Recently, CSL Behring opened a regional headquarters in Dubai Science Park, United Arab Emirates. Why should a biotech company have a presence in Dubai, famous for its architectural marvels? CSL Behring aims to increase awareness of treatment options for critical medical conditions in the Middle East and Africa region. Patients with rare and chronic diseases need innovative solutions and innovation is no stranger to Dubai.

Here are five fast facts about the fast-growing metropolis:

1.     Yes, the world’s tallest building is in Dubai. Completed in 2010, Burj Khalifa has 160 stories and soars 2,716 feet (828 meters) into the air. Tourists can buy tickets to visit the building’s observation deck, the world’s highest outdoor observatory.

2.     It’s very hot, but not all the time. The climate varies between an average temperature of 66 F (19 C) in January and 97 F (36 C) in August.

3.     Palm Jumeirah, an intricately engineered artificial island, helps Dubai live up to its reputation as a hotspot for luxury. The system of archipelagos, which from above looks like a palm tree, extends its fronds out into the Persian Gulf, creating miles and miles of waterfront views.

4.      Dubai has ambitions beyond tourism. At Dubai Science Park, CSL Behring joins about 350 other companies and 3,600 employees – all part of a community dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and established experts in the sciences, energy and environmental sectors. The park launched in 2005.

5.     With 1,200 stores, the Dubai Mall is bigger than the King of Prussia Mall, located near CSL Behring’s global operational headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The KOP Mall, a regional attraction, has *only* 450 stores. (But we still can’t find our car.)

Watch 61 years of Dubai development unfold in this 4-minute video: