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New Podcast Explores a 'World of Promise'

First episode marks World Hemophilia Day, features Duke University physician.



A new podcast launching today focuses on biotechnology and its promise to transform the lives of people and patients around the world living with rare and serious diseases. The podcast, “World of Promise,” is presented by CSL Behring and is available on Apple Podcasts as well as a variety of other podcasting platforms.

Each episode features conversations with leading medical experts, patients or other people involved in the field of biotechnology, with a focus on biotechnology’s promise to transform the lives of people around the world living with rare and serious diseases.

“The goal of this podcast is to provide engaging and useful content to people with rare and serious diseases and their families, health care providers and others interested in learning more about these topics. The format of a podcast allows us to go more in-depth on these topics that are so critically important to our patients,” says Anthony Farina, CSL’s Chief Communications Officer, who is also the show’s host. 

In our first episode of “World of Promise,” Farina interviews Dr. Andra James, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and a professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Duke University. Dr. James has over 20 years of experience working with patients with rare bleeding disorders. Her research and publications pertain mainly to the care of women with blood and bleeding disorders, with a special focus on von Willebrand Disease. With World Hemophilia Day on April 17, Dr. James talks about a related bleeding disorder, von Willebrand Disease, and how it relates to the more well-known rare disease, hemophilia. The conversation touches on the advances in biotechnology that she has seen in this space, the challenges faced by women with von Willebrand Disease, the importance of diagnosis and the promise of biotechnology to help people living with these rare bleeding disorders. The episode also features a von Willebrand Disease patient, Mary Ann Massolio, sharing her experience, and insights into what lies ahead in this space from Debbie Bensen-Kennedy, Vice President North America Medical Affairs for CSL Behring.

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