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Production in Australia)

CSL Seqirus Products

CSL Seqirus Products

This is a complete list of all products marketed by CSL Seqirus worldwide. Not all products are available in every country. Visit the Global Selector to link to a specific country.

The trademarks marked ® are registered by Seqirus UK Limited or its affiliates in one or more jurisdictions, unless indicated otherwise.

Areas of Expertise

technical development

Influenza Vaccines

We are one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine companies with a singular global focus on influenza.

Seqirus technician

Pandemic Response

Experts agree that there will be another influenza pandemic this century1. CSL Seqirus offers a portfolio of pandemic vaccines and services for rapid response.

Seqirus Cambridge Lab


CSL Seqirus is the largest fully integrated commercialisation partner for vaccines and pharmaceuticals in Australia and New Zealand.

Red Bellied Black Snake Gary Stephenson

Antivenoms and Q fever vaccine

CSL Seqirus is the supplier of a unique range of antivenoms and Q fever vaccine for the Australian government.

GBR-FLU-0006 February 2021