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My Story: Elena


Iron Deficiency Patient Elena

My symptoms came on gradually. I felt exhausted all the time and I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning, despite being in a very happy period of my life. My hair was also falling out more than normal. I’m an active person – I work as a radio host, I spend time with my son, I love to go out and I keep fit in the gym.

I visited several doctors and none of them were able to identify anything was out of the ordinary. They suggested my worsening symptoms were a result of stress. I felt misunderstood by everyone at that time. Something just felt off, and I knew there had to be another explanation for the way I was feeling. 

Eventually I went to visit a doctor who suggested we test for iron deficiency. She found that my ferritin levels were very low. My symptoms were a result of iron deficiency and I was recommended an intravenous iron infusion.

For me, the results of that first treatment were quick. I felt significantly better physically. Having my energy back totally changed my life at that time, and I could get on with doing the things I love. I regularly go for check up’s with my doctor now, to make sure my ferritin levels are still within a healthy range.

I don’t think there is enough awareness about iron deficiency and its symptoms. Now, when I talk to my friends I always suggest that they test for iron deficiency and get their ferritin levels checked. It’s so easily treatable.