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For 100 years, CSL has earned a reputation as a passionate yet responsible organization that is driven to care for patients and deliver on its commitments. Today, our future has never looked brighter. We expect that emerging new innovations and support programs can provide unprecedented opportunities to improve patient wellbeing unlike any other time in history.

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Key Business Highlights

CSL continues to deliver on its strategy, with an 11%# increase in total revenue. The strength of our results reflects the execution of our strategic plan and patient-focussed workforce.


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Maximize portfolio value & deliver new product launches

A strong year for CSL with revenue up 11%1 and reported net profit after tax of $1,919 million, up 17% at constant currency1.

Continued strong growth in our core immunoglobulin and albumin therapies, with PRIVIGEN® sales up 23%1, HIZENTRA® sales up 22%1 and Albumin sales up 15% 1.

HAEGARDA®, our therapy for patients with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) and IDELVION®, our therapy for Haemophilia B patients, have been transformational products with sales growth reflecting this - HAEGARDA® sales grew by 61%1 and IDELVION® sales are up 40%1.

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Be the most efficient, highest quality plasma player

Opened 30 new plasma collection centres in the United States (US).

Rollout of enterprise resource planning systems continues successfully.

Major capital projects at all manufacturing sites progressing to support future demand.

Underwent 440 regulatory inspections of our manufacturing facilities* with no impact to licences or operations.

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Delivery on influenza strategy

Seqirus is delivering on strategy with strong profit growth. Total sales up 19%.1

FLUAD®, indicated for active immunisation against influenza in the elderly 65 years and older, sales more than doubled.

Compelling real world effectiveness data for FLUCELVAX®, cell culture derived influenza vaccine.

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Pursue new opportunities to diversify portfolio and enhance growth

New Bio21 research facility opens in premier medical research hub in Melbourne, Australia.

Good progress with early portfolio and in later stage projects with patients in more than 44 countries enrolled in CSL112 phase III for cardiovascular disease and CSL312 (targeting Factor XIIa) phase II study in patients with HAE commenced.

Achieved 24 product registrations or new indications in numerous countries.

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Create a culture that attracts, retains and develops the best talent

Appointment of Chief Operating Officer and also an Executive Vice President and General Manager for Seqirus.

Employee workforce up 13%, with 57% of our employee base female.

Achieved 74% employee engagement score.

Workplace safety improvement plans developed.

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Support responsible business practice and trust with our stakeholders

US$8.4 billion distributed in supplier payments, employee wages and benefits, shareholder returns, government taxes and community contributions.

US$56 million in global community investment across our strategic areas of support.

#Growth percentages shown at constant currency to remove the impact of exchange rate movements, facilitating comparability of operational performance. For further detail please refer to CSL’s Financial Statements for the Full Year ended 2018 (Directors’ Report).
1Constant currency removes the impact of exchange rate movements to facilitate comparability of operational performance. For further detail please refer to CSL’s Financial Statements for the Full Year ended June 2019 (Directors’ Report) of CSL’s 2018/19 Annual Report.
*Does not include Ruide.

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