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CSL Seqirus Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Innovative Award

The Young Scientist Innovative Award is a research grant run under the auspices of the European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI) and supported by CSL Seqirus to recognise emerging scientists who have developed exceptional research in the field of vaccine development.

CSL Seqirus has partnered with the ESWI, a collection of influenza scientists and stakeholder organisations aiming to reduce the burden of influenza, in supporting the research of emerging scientists in the field of vaccines. Jointly, we are seeking forward thinking and curiosity-driven PhD students who embody the notion of collaboration in their scientific research.

The ESWI YSI Award presents a fantastic opportunity to provide financial and networking opportunities to further their careers and was presented in its second year to Dr. Nicholas Wu, an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for his innovative research in vaccine development which focuses on virus evolution and antibody response, using a highly multidisciplinary approach, involving molecular biology, biochemistry, virology, immunology, bioinformatics, and structural biology. 

Male and female scientists Male and female scientists
" It’s easy to find the thought leaders of today, what’s harder is finding the thought leaders of tomorrow. This award scheme for emerging scientists will help to support and enable talented and creative individual researchers and their teams and we are delighted to support it. "
Dr. Gregg Sylvester, Chief Health Officer, CSL Seqirus.

Collaboration is vital to the success of emerging scientists, and the industry at large.

Dr. Nicholas Wu 2021 winner of YSI award

Dr. Nicholas Wu on his recent win of the YSI award

Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Kirsty Short

Dr. Kristy Short on her 2020 win of the YSI award

Virologist at the University of Queensland


Dr. Ab Osterhaus on the importance of sponsoring emerging scientists

Chairman and Executive Committee Member of ESWI


Dr. Gregg Sylvester on the importance of collaborating with emerging scientists

Chief Medical Officer at CSL Seqirus

EWSI Winner

Future Young Scientist Innovative Awards

To learn more about the YSI Awards, ESWI and upcoming applications cycles, please visit ESWI’s website and follow them on LinkedIn.