Paul Perreault

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
BA Psychology – (Age 61)
International Pharmaceutical industry 
(resident in Pennsylvania, US)
Independent: No

Paul Perreault

Mr. Paul Perreault was appointed to the CSL Board in February 2013 and was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in July 2013. He joined a CSL predecessor company in 1997 and has held senior roles in sales, marketing and operations with his most recent prior position being President, CSL Behring. Mr. Perreault has also worked in senior leadership roles with Wyeth, Centeon, Aventis Bioservices and Aventis Behring. He was previously Chairman of the Global Board for the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association. Mr. Perreault has had more than 30 years experience in the global healthcare industry.

In early 2018, Mr. Perreault was named Australian Financial Review’s 2017 CEO of the Year.

Mr. Perreault is a member of the Innovation and Development Committee.


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