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Seqirus Employee in Holly Springs)


Pictured: CSL Seqirus employee in Holly Springs, NC, USA

Leaders in influenza

CSL Seqirus is a transcontinental partner in pandemic preparedness and a major contributor to the prevention of seasonal influenza globally, with extensive research and advanced manufacturing expertise.

As part of the CSL enterprise, we have been producing seasonal influenza vaccines since the 1940’s. 

We utilize both cell-based and egg-based technologies for influenza vaccine production and have developed the only adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine for elderly populations. Our scientists continue to optimize these innovative technologies while working on longer-term transformational approaches to influenza protection.

Developing new influenza vaccines across all age groups in expanded markets is a strategic priority for CSL Seqirus, including further advancing our cell-based manufacturing technology and our MF59® adjuvant and developing our self-amplifying messenger RNA (sa-mRNA) technology, to enhance the immune response of those particularly vulnerable to influenza such as children and older adults.

Photo of syringe filling processes at the manufacturing facility at Holly Springs in North Carolina, USA.

Our Products

CSL Seqirus is a reliable supplier of seasonal influenza vaccines with the ability to rapidly respond to pandemic threats. Our broad range of influenza vaccines help to safeguard people and communities around the world. You should speak to your healthcare professional for specific advice on influenza vaccination.

CSL Seqirus Product List